Clearing Process

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1. You have paid for clearing services, so your agent has the responsibility to assist you clear your vehicle. It is important that you keep in touch with your Agent.
Please get your Agent to do the clearing on your behalf, or at least assist you with every step. This ensures quick clearing.

2. Upon arrival at Safebond please ask any of our UNIFORMED Security people for directions.

3. You have to stop at the Toll Office to buy your reflective Shirt and Shoe if you don’t have your own.

4. Use our Hotlines if you need any help.

5. Agents / Consignees / Visitors MUST own a Harbour Pass or purchase a Toll to enter the Car Terminal.

6. Wearing of Reflective Vest is MANDATORY within the Car Terminal.

7. No open toe shoes are allowed within the Car Terminal.

8. No Children under the age of 16 years are allowed within our operational areas.

9. No BUYING and SELLING within the Car Terminal.

10. Taking pictures within the Car Terminal is prohibited.

11. Smoking within the Car Terminal is prohibited.

12. DRIVING within the Car terminal is prohibited.


1. Original Bill of Lading bearing Shipper / Exporter and Consignee’s Names and Addresses respectively, Vessel Name, Port of Loading and Discharge as well Vehicle(s) Marks and Numbers.
2. GRA (Customs Division) Declaration Form or Entry Documents.
3. Customs Value Generated Form.
4. Delivery Order from Shipping Line (Green Copy).
5. Duty Payment Receipt from Accredited Bank.
6. SCTL Cash Delivery Invoice (Tax Invoice) for Handling and Rent Charges.
7. Shore-Handling / Rent Payment Receipts.
8. SCTL Generated Waybill.
9. DVLA Payment Card and Number Plate.


1. Present Original Bill of Lading, Agency ID Card and Harbour Pass or Daily Pass at the Security check point for verification.
2. Present Original Bill of Lading, Agency ID Card and Harbour Pass to the appropriate Yard Office to collect vehicle key(s) for Preliminary Examination (PBE).
3. Assess Duty on Vehicle at GRA (Customs Devision) Office at Car Terminal and complete Customs documentation.
4. Obtain Delivery Order (DO) and final release from Shipping Line.
5. Present DO and Shipping Line Payment Receipts together with GRA (Customs Division) Entries and Duty Receipts for Cash Delivery Invoice (CDI) on Handling / Rent Charges at Safebond Billing Office.
6. Present Cash Delivery Invoice (CDI), Duty Payment Receipts and DO at Safebond Revenue Office to effect payment.
7. Proceed to DVLA Office within SCTL premises to obtain DVLA Trade Plate(s).
8. Present DO, Customs Duty Payment Receipts / Final Release, DVLA Trade Plate Card / Receipts and Safebond Receipts for issuance of SCTL Delivery Tally Sheet (Waybill).
9. Present Waybill(s) at appropriate Yard Office for release and transfer of vehicle to Exit Gate.
10. Present Customs Entry with SCTL Waybill (pink copy) for authentication of Entries and physical sighting of vehicle(s) by Customs (Preventive) Officials.
11. Present Original Vehicle Title Certificate to National Security for verification.
12. Present SCTL CDI with receipts, Vehicle Condition Report and Waybill (Green and Blue copies) to Police and Safebond Delivery Officer / Security Officer for inspection, physical sighting of vehicle and final delivery.
13. SCTL Delivery Officer will instruct SCTL Driver to exist with Vehicle.